Thursday, January 27, 2011

Starting the New Year at Gites du Marigné 2011

we have lots of maintenance to do over the winter.the moles have made a mess of all our gravel paths,so drastic action is needed!! out with the ciment mixer and digging some deep trenches.
we are laying new decked patios for La Petite Maison and around the beautiful swimming pool.
We have membraned most of the beds and gravelled them to stop the weeds and then planted feature plants.
it is very important for us to keep things fresh and looking good with so many visitors.
Already bookings are going very well for this year with lots of enquiries,so hopefully it will not be the depression year forcast by all the financial pundits!
anyway back to work.will post some updated pictures in the next post.


  1. Looking forward to seeing all the improvements when we next visit! Hope Mr and Mrs Mole appreciate all your hand work and dont add their own modifications this time! (little buggers)